How to register ?

Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Lausanne!

In order to allow you to discover CrossFit® and CrossFit Lausanne DownTown, our new box in the center of Lausanne, we offer you a "Découverte" class every day of the week.

Do you want to get out of your routine, learn to move better, take control of your body while being followed by professional coaches? Want to become a better version of yourself while having fun but getting a better background to move better in your daily life, nothing could be simpler, you just need to register for our "Découverte" class.

Registration through Resawod

Here is the detailed procedure for registering to one of our classes via the RESAWOD application or subscribing to one of our subscriptions or offers.

RESAWOD is an easy-to-use application for booking classes.

Download the application:

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

1. Create a new account on Resawod.

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

2. Enter all your personal information to create your account.

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

3. Log into your account on Resawod.

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

4. In the reservations, select "CrossFit Lausanne DownTown" to access the timetables of the box.

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

5. Select the "Découverte" class of the day.

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

6. Join the class. You will then receive a registration confirmation email.

CrossFit Lausanne - Resawod

7. Come and discover CrossFit® in the center of Lausanne.

How to start CrossFit® at CrossFit Lausanne ?