Health insurance

CrossFit Lausanne is QualiCert certified!


Some health insurance funds in the country reimburse part of the cost of your subscription.

Upon presentation of a confirmation of participation, an invoice and proof of payment, you can recover a contribution to your subscription fee to CrossFit Lausanne.

You will find all the detailed information relating to participation according to the different health insurance funds in the country in the document below.

Confirmation of participation

Confirmation of participation in CrossFit Lausanne classes

Below are the different steps to confirm your participation in our classes for your health insurance.

1. Complete the confirmation form available below with your personal details as well as information on your health insurance: insured number / first and last name / address / postal code / place.

2. Give us the document at the reception of your box so that we can complete it, date it and sign it.

3. Then claim your contribution to the costs with your health insurance by attaching the confirmation of participation and proof of payment of the participation costs.